About Tyrel De Bique

Hailing from the eastern community Maloney Gardens, Tyrel De Bique is a self-trained visual artist. Self-TRAINED because it is his belief that like a professional athlete artist must continually hone, challenge and strengthen their gifts to truly recognize their full potential.

Lacking in formal art education, Tyrel has instead come up through the ranks in an unconventional, albeit modern, fashion. He began tattooing at an early age and did so for 15 years before venturing into fine art. During that period he also dabbled in graphic design, attaining certification in Adobe Creative Suite and has worked on and off within the field.

He left the tattooing industry in 2014 and began experimenting with fine art after being introduced to acrylics and charcoal by artist Darin Gibson. What began as representational art of people of colour, mainly women, evolved into contemporary art and what he refers to as black expressionism.

Tyrel loves playing with textures and colour combinations while fusing them with various golden elements; be it metal leaf, metal foil or powdered pigments.

His work often addresses the human psyche, self-examination and his fascination with the African diaspora.

You can learn more about Tyrel De Bique and his art through his Instagram account @ohmygod_itstyrel.